In exchange for feedback.

We will have a basic version of our online movie collection manager software ready for trials within the next two or three months. The first brave souls to use the system, our pioneering Zamlrs, will enjoy the system for free until the next upgrade –at the very least. In return, we would only ask you to send us an email at with three simple thoughts:

  • What you like about the system.
  • What you would change or improve.
  • What features you would like to have next.

Does that sound fair to you?

Register now, help us out and discover the best movies you have not seen yet:

For those interested in the details, in this version you will be able to create, manage and compare your collection with other users’ collections, provided that you grant each other rights to do so.

To create your collection you will have to download and run a program that will scrape your designated hard-disk locations in search for movie files. Movie details will then be added automatically to your collection and you will have a chance to review and confirm accuracy. Manual corrections will be reduced to a minimum. Only in cases when Movie Zamlr cannot fully recognize a movie file, you will be presented with a list of possible movie titles to pick from and with the possibility to manually edit all movie details. As said, we hope we can reduce these necessary amendments to a minimum. We are quite happy with the accuracy of the little scraper program, but we would appreciate your feedback to make sure that we got it right.

Movies titles can also be entered manually, of course. The title is enough, since details will be retrieved automatically for you.

Finally, the use of barcode entries found on DVD cases to input movie titles into your collection is not yet available. We will work on this feature if there is any interest on your side.

We hope you take Movie Zamlr for a spin.