Free use of Movie Zamlr, the movie collection manager software

In exchange for feedback. We will have a basic version of our online movie collection manager software ready for trials within the next two or three months. The first brave souls to use the system, our pioneering Zamlrs, will enjoy the system for free until the next upgrade –at the very least. In return, we […]

Review of movie collection manager DVD Profiler

Another popular movie collection manager is DVD Profiler, which offers a desktop application along with on-line access and a mobile app that brings your collection to your pocket. On their website the producers claim, “the best way to catalog your DVD addiction, DVD Profiler is built on a dynamic user-contributed database that’s always up to […]

Review of movie collection manager eXtreme Movie Manager (XMM)

In this review of movie collection managers we take a look at eXtreme Movie Manager (XMM), produced by Binaryworks. The software has been around a long time now and still gets a lot of attention by their makers, who claim that “eXtreme Movie Manager is probably the most advanced Movies/TV Series/Actors collection manager around”. Well, […]

Review of movie collection manager Usher

A movie collection manager exclusively for Mac users is Usher, produced by Many Tricks. It is the successor of yFlicks, a quite popular movie manager in the past. It claims to fulfill a wish of many movie collectors: “Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool that could manage your videos and movies as […]

Review of movie collection manager Ant Movie Catalog

In this review of movie managers we will take a look at Ant Movie Catalog version 4.1.1. On its website it is advertised as an “open-source program made to manage your collection of movies on DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX, …) and tapes with print, import and export functions, scripting, etc.” This is interesting and deserves […]

Review of movie collection manager iVideo

Another Mac-only movie manager we have put through its paces is iVideo. While not being particularly designed for motion pictures, some Apple users are still recommending this software, so we had a look at how well we could manage our sample collection with it. Following is our review of the iVideo movie collection manager. Movie […]

Review of movie collection manager Movie Collector

In this series of reviews we scrutinize movie managers of all sorts. We use an exemplary collection of movies of 12 DVD and Blueray boxes as well as 27 movies on a hard disk in various formats (avi, mkv, iso, etc.), including languages different from the original. In this review of movie collection managers we […]